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"wisdom through technique"



Technique is initiated through dedication. Thereby spawning angling wisdom. We believe in the infinite voyage to technical perfection. We continually attempt to understand our prey in order to outsmart it. 

We fish in a modernized world, and so - we believe in a modernized approach to releasing our media. Strictly short films to captivate our viewership. We film and edit entirely in-house and at times collaborate with other film-makers.


This ancient symbol embodies the soul of featherwick and it's creation story. The lakes in the catskill mountain region of NY is an egypt of fisheries. Since featherwick's initiation - other regions have created their own epicenters. As of 2016, featherwick has gained footholds with member inductions in lake-rich Minnesota and in the innovative scene of Japan. To be a member is to have been invited or referred by an existing member.